9+ quick tips to study for Medicine the right way

Those who choose to study Medicine already have an idea of ​​the quarry they will have to face to get a place.

Is the course always a gold medal in terms of competition? in almost every selection process, it is the one that registers the largest number of candidates per vacancy.

The fierce competition has its reasons. The profession, although it requires a super dedication, brings many benefits. In addition to the excellent financial return, there is an even more important component: the certainty of contributing to saving lives.

If you are preparing to pass in Medicine, do not miss the tips that we have prepared below. They will help you to organize your studies better and to get a grade on tests. See and prove it!

1. Start studying as early as possible

Medicine is a difficult course to pass, regardless of the selection process chosen. Will the candidate who wants to do well need to study hard? very much!

If your goal is to get into a public university, then the best thing is to start preparing well in advance, preferably in your first year of high school.

The reason is simple: competition, relentless, will require you to have a grade well above average in the entrance exam or Enem to pass.

In selective processes that use the Enem score, for example, the cut-off score for entering Medicine is around 850 points. This means that you have to write impeccable writing and get very few answers wrong in the four objective tests (remembering that there are 180 questions in total!).

In traditional entrance exams, competition in the first phase can reach an incredible 200 candidates per vacancy, depending on the institution. In the second stage, the number of competitors is usually smaller, but it is still very difficult, as the general performance is very high.

In private faculties, the selection process for Medicine is usually different from other courses. The tests are more complex and will require more knowledge from the students.

2. Find a quiet space to study

As we know that you are a dedicated person and will study hard to pass Medicine, nothing more natural than having a quiet corner to go through this phase more efficiently.

It can be in the bedroom, in the living room, in your city’s public library, wherever you want. It just can’t be noisy, have people passing by all the time, cell phone vibrating, social networks beeping all the time, etc.

Help your brain work better? a quiet and peaceful location is ideal. This makes it easier to focus and absorb knowledge. All this will reflect positively later on, when you take the tests!

Invest heavily in writing

In Enem, the writing test is one of the most important and the one that can yield a maximum score (1,000 points) or minimum (zero – a total nightmare!). In addition to helping with the final average, the essay is used as a tiebreaker if two candidates with the same average score are vying for the same vacancy in Medicine.

How do you invest heavily in writing? It’s simple:

  • Read a lot.
  • Write a lot.
  • Stay on top of everything important happening in the world. Study the roots of the problem, the current scenario, the solutions, the different points of view presented, statistics, etc.
  • Know well the text structure requested by Enem, the argumentative essay.
  • Search the internet for some texts that received maximum marks and get inspired by them.
  • Practice writing at least twice a week.

If you want to take the entrance exam, carefully study the requested model ? This information is available in the tender notice.

4. Strengthen studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Did you know that these two tests are essential for anyone who wants to enter Medicine?

In the case of Enem, for example, having a good score in Mathematics will guarantee an above-average grade for an obvious reason: is this the test in which other candidates usually have the lowest performance? and this yields, by the Enem correction model, more points for those who obtain a greater number of coherent hits (which means getting the easy, medium and some difficult questions right).

A good performance in the Natural Sciences test, which includes the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics and Biology, can guarantee entry into those universities that give greater weight to the grade in this area of ​​knowledge. Not to mention that this is the base area of ​​Medicine, and that you will see a lot throughout your studies.

5. Participate in entrance exams as a trainer

If you haven’t finished high school yet and the entrance exam you want to take offers the option of becoming a trainer (Enem allows it!), don’t waste time: sign up now.

Taking the tests in this modality tests your knowledge on the subject and still makes you familiar with the format. By doing this you will be super well prepared? and much less nervous? when your turn comes.

6. Don’t waste time studying what’s not in the public notice

No selection process can include in the tests content that is not provided for in the public notice. Therefore, when planning your studies, take into account only what is in the document.

7. Make a study guide

It’s not enough to sit at the table and start devouring books. A good study requires a very well done planning. Our recommendation is:

  • Take all the contents provided for in the notice of the desired selection process.
  • Have a calendar handy.
  • See which subjects you have the most questions about.
  • Distribute these contents through the calendar, with more time for those you don’t master 100%.
  • Don’t forget to reserve a few days before the exams for general review.
  • Try to follow your study schedule as much as you can.

8. Use previous entrance exams to train

There is no better way to train for the entrance exam than to take the tests from previous editions. They are also super useful to help identify the issues that will need more attention on your part.

Generally, the institutions themselves make the question sheets and templates available free of charge on the internet.

Ah, also try to understand the resolution of each question. On YouTube there are hundreds of videos with preschool teachers explaining the step-by-step correction of each test. Enjoy!

9. Count the time it takes you to complete each test

It’s good to get used to the idea that every college entrance exam is a marathon. In a few hours you will have to read, interpret and rack your brains to find the correct answer to dozens and dozens of questions.

A good tactic is to practice doing the tests of previous editions with a stopwatch on your side. That way you will arrive better prepared!

10. Discover the subjects that fall most frequently in the entrance exam

This information is strategic and allows for a more focused direction in the studies.

We are talking about those contents that always appear in tests, year after year. We can cite, as quick examples, social and political revolutions, environmental issues, chemical transformations, laws of Physics, Algebra and Geometry? but the list is much longer!

Try to find out which are the subjects that fall most often in the entrance exam you want to do and set aside a little extra time in your study schedule to dedicate yourself to them.

Never give up!

What we have to say is nothing new, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce: getting into Medicine is hard as hell! It may be that you split into three and still don’t get the job you’ve been dreaming of. If that happens, hold on and don’t give up.

The difficulty is such that many students are already preparing themselves psychologically to face the entrance exam for up to three consecutive years. Only with a lot of persistence will you be able to enter.