6 Typical Study Tips for Medical Students

Being a medical student is not a very easy thing. However, with the hectic schedule of lectures, medical students are required to be able to develop as fast and as strong as possible, and find ways of learning that are suitable to be applied.

All students are also asked to memorize the whole anatomy, physiology, biochemistry of the human body and all things about micro-organisms and other factors that can cause disease in the body and then look for suitable drugs to treat them. Of course this is quite difficult for students, especially new students.

The following are medical student-style study tips that are suitable to try.

1. Study before college

Understand at least 50% of the material before class starts. Take notes and mark things you don’t understand, then ask questions during class.

2. Frequent discussions with classmates or seniors

Come and approach and discuss with classmates or seniors. The discussion will strengthen the memory of the material, try to test each other’s abilities or can also get an overview of the favorite exam questions of classmates or seniors.

3. Repeat, record and illustrate

Repeat the material that has been obtained today, then make a summary and develop it into a mind map to make it easier to remember.

4. Discipline of study

Commitment to study every day, whether afternoon, evening or morning. Do not delay studying, which will make students regret in the future.

5. Learning improvisation

Develop a learning style, for example making songs from material that aims to be easily memorized.

6. Add journal and textbook references

In order to learn more optimally, students really need journals and textbooks. Some lecturers certainly like to provide textbook references to study.